Like so many others, I initially thought that essential oils were just scented perfumes for air diffusion. How wrong I turned out to be.

Truly pure oils can be taken internally and have a very real health purpose. In fact, their benefits and potency have been prized since ancient Egypt, over 4000 years ago. Yet a local shopping trip may leave you confused why the same 100% pure oils are labeled “for internal use” by some brands and “do not take internally” by another.
Being a wellness clinic owner, I was continually asked by clients if essential oils were safe to ingest. With all the conflicting available information, I too became confused. It took me three years, and many nights of research to decide which essential oil Company to pursue.
Thus began my journey into the research on dōTERRA.


 dōTERRA was founded in 2008 and quickly rose to be the largest essential oil Company in the World. Their main objective has always been to bring natural, affordable, safe healthcare solutions to the homes of every family. At the heart of dōTERRA’s drive lies the pursuit for purity, potency, integrity and humanitarian efforts to help alleviate impoverished areas on the planet.
Good start, I thought. But I wanted to dig deeper. Much deeper...
Here are the top 9 reasons why choosing dōTERRA essential oils was the best decision I ever made.


A bottle of essential oil only has to contain 10% of pure essential oil in order to carry the label 100% pure.
dōTERRA’s mission has always been to be 100% transparent with their testing and to only produce non-tampered, CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils. dōTerra’s oils undergo 54 different scientific tests, including unaffiliated third-party testing to establish the oils’ uncompromised purity. Unlike many of their competitors, dōTERRA reveals the data to the public with a QR code on every oil bottle linking to searchable online results.
According to the Aromatic Plant Research Center, 80% of the essential oils on the market today are adulterated with either synthetics, fillers, pesticides, harmful solvents, chemicals, or fragrances, rendering the oils to be, at best, impotent and at worst, even unsafe. 
dōTERRA stands by the purity and quality of its oils and has taken the measure to include supplement facts plus all appropriate serving information on labels for federal regulations to allow them to state ‘for internal use’. 
The potency of dōTERRA's oils is undeniable with their strong aroma and taste. It only takes 1-2 drops to reap the benefits of the oils.


While dōTERRA's oils will likely not be found at your local grocery store, they have been recognized and accepted by many in the medical community.  While dōTERRA cannot make any legal claims of cures or treatments (nor can most pharmaceutical brands, by the way), many physicians, health practitioners, and naturopaths are dōTERRA wellness advocates and strongly promote dōTERRA’s oils and products, both online and in practice.
In 2019, dōTERRA opened dozens of integrative health Prime Meridan Clinics, nationwide and has plans to expand further soon. 
dōTERRA’s products have been incorporated into physician education, patient usage, and clinical studies at recognized influential hospitals and universities, including UCLA, MAYO Clinic, Vanderbilt University, USC, and most recently at St Elizabeth’s Cancer Clinic.


As I started to read more about the ingredients in household products, I became aware that the ‘trusted’ brand names I was using were often filled with toxic substances.  For my journey of continued health and wellness, I knew I needed to find effective, healthy, and safe alternatives for myself and my clients.
Luckily, dōTERRA has a range of non-toxic, chemical- and pesticide-free products, packed with beneficial essential oils.  Gradually I substituted the items in my cabinet for dōTERRA products and today find myself using dōTERRA mouthwash, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, face creams, laundry detergents, cleaners - as well as making my own D.I.Y. creations! 
I switched candles for diffusers, made my own countertop cleaners, and discovered useful tips for using oils. For example, lemon essential oil is a great silverware polisher, and dryer sheets can be replaced with environmentally-friendly dryer balls scented with a few drops of your favorite oil. 
I also began using the oils in the kitchen to enhance flavors in salad dressing, smoothies, sauces, and baked goods. The journey was already shaping up to be not only healthy but also a lot of fun...


 Not only do I feel healthier and safer using dōTERRA products in my home, but having a wholesale membership allows me to buy these products at cost, a 25% savings off the retail price. Through their monthly loyalty rewards program, I qualify for the free monthly dōTERRA product and receive free shipping plus 30% back in points to use for purchases. 
Aside from the savings associated with cost price products versus retail price, the savings stack up when comparing the potency and efficacy of products as well. Imagine only using one drop of a pure, unadulterated oil mixed with water or coconut oil instead of a large dollop of toxic cream or spray from a plastic container fill with petrochemicals.
This has already saved me thousands of dollars.
dōTERRA’s initiative of “Cō-Impact Sourcing®” is a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers who contribute to the essential oil production. 

It ensures that small-scale farmers and workers in disadvantaged areas are treated ethically and hired or partnered with according to fair-trade practices. With more than 140 origin oils, dōTERRA sources from over 45 countries, more than half considered developing countries.
Furthermore, through responsible sourcing practices, their wild-harvested oils do not damage plant species’ survival and provide an opportunity to regenerate native species while keeping entire ecosystems in mind.
 Most recently, dōTERRA has initiated sustainable shipping solutions including paper sourced from sustainable forestry, increased insistence on recycled materials, soy-based ink printing, along with many other promised improvements in the years ahead.
 As part of their commitment to reduce world-wide poverty and empower people and communities to make a positive change, dōTERRA has established a non-profit Healing Hands Foundation®
Among their contributions, Healing Hands Foundation offers micro-loans in developing communities, provides health aid, education, disaster relief, and contributes to causes that build essential infrastructure, ensure communities have clean water, fight human trafficking and support local community projects, with 100% of donations going directly to aid. 
dōTERRA has even created an opportunity for their Wellness Advocates to initiate a positive change project idea, and Healing Hands Foundation will match the fundraising efforts dollar-for-dollar.
 dōTERRA has quickly adopted a reputation of being a compassionate and giving organization, not only to its customers and through charity-work but equally to their workers. They incentivize their distributors with life-changing sourcing trips to third-world nations, where top leaders are able to participate in water well building, school construction, educational seminars, and more activities.
Structurally, the Company offers a generous five-way compensation plan allowing a variety of ways to gain financial profit with distributors earning immediately from a sale, but also as continuing residual income.  Many have invested in dōTERRA as a means of retirement funding.
The organization has an unusual bottom-up approach where the more your team grows, the bigger the percentage of your profit. This design encourages leaders to support new members to grow their downline as well. dōTERRA boasts one of the highest customer retention rates at 65% and is currently ranked one of the largest multi-level-marketing Company in the US.
Through a variety of means, dōTERRA ensures that its members and distributors have access to a library of information and are well-equipped to build their business.
dōTERRA university is a platform created by the Company to help members learn about useful and impactful ways to implement, share, and use dōTERRA essential oils. It provides courses, ebooks, manuals, videos, and distributors are rewarded with free product points upon completion.
Distributors are also gifted with a free website to directly steer potential customers to purchase any products, thereby alleviating the distributors of having to deal with any sales, refunds, or returns.
Most recently, they have added podcasts, attractive product images, quality videos, apps, and social media software to help Wellness Advocates with their marketing.


dōTERRA’s bottles and labels are not only incredibly aesthetically pleasing, but they are also very well-designed.
Their labels are simple and easy to identify, which health practitioners like my colleagues and me find handy and comforting, but our clients are also reassured by seeing clearly labeled and transparent ingredient disclosure. 
For example, dōTERRA’s leading proprietary blends, including On Guard®Breathe®DigestZen®, are logically understood to be used in the pursuit of immune support, respiratory support, and digestive support, respectively. dōTERRA also provides stickers for the bottle tops, which ensures you don’t accidentally tamper the oil with another blend by screwing on the wrong caps. 
Another very interesting fact that I discovered is that dōTERRA’s bottles are tinted in order to minimize sun exposure, but still transparent enough to clearly see the fill levels. 

They also have a printed expiry date underneath so you know the use-by date.

If you are encouraged, intrigued or excited reading this article and are interested in finding out more about how to take part in dōTERRA’s incredible mission, or integrating their pure essential oils into your life and business, I’d love to answer any questions you may have, or feel free to read more here: CLICK HERE.
If you are also curious about dōTERRA as a business that enables you to generate an additional (or even full time) income, then please don’t hesitate to book a discovery call with me. I would be more than happy to discuss such an opportunity with you and provide you with every resource you may require to make informed decisions, just as I did to get where I am as a healthy, happy dōTERRA advocate today.
I hope that you can now understand why I believe that incorporating dōTERRA’s essential oils into my wellness practice was an incredibly good decision but also turned out to be the best decision I have ever made for my own physical health and personal wellbeing.